Surrealist Lighting

Surrealist Lighting

Surrealist Lighting

I was lucky enough to finally escape all the english rain and head off to the south coast of spain for a good injection of light and warmth.  Thankfully we brought the sunshine back.

A trip to Salvador Dali’s coastal villa was a real surprise – not as eccentric as expected – except for the swimming pool which deserves a blog on it’s own!

The house itself is on a very human scale – only one bedroom – although enormous with matching double beds and a huge fireplace.  All the other rooms are fairly small and as with all continental houses the walls are thick to keep the interiors cool – with Salvador’s studio having enormous windows to capture the light.   He always painted sitting down – and had a winch on the wall to move the large paintings up & down into a slot in the floor – ingenious.

Throughout the house there are clever devices to frame the views and bring in light.

windows positioned for excellent views when dining – and diffused to soften the strong sunlight.

Every light fitting within the house was an artistic object in its’ own right.  This one was made by Salvador – gold leaf and a leather shade.

Even taxidermy as lighting !   The bear was a present from Edward James – of West Dean House, Chichester.  Spot the ever-watching OWLs!