Product of the Month - The Spike Spot

Product of the Month – The Spike Spot



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As we near the end of the lovely long summer holidays, and as everyone returns to work, we thought we’d start the autumn with a new series of blogs.  Each month we’ll focus on one of our products; explain a little about them, what sets them apart and how we use them in our lighting schemes.  This month we’re looking at the much loved LED spike light.

garden lighting Hunza spike spot

A 6w spike spot in powder coated finish.

At this time of year we’re still making good use of our gardens and garden lighting is an excellent way to extend this well into the winter months.

We use Hunza© lighting in our garden lighting schemes.  Like all the best tech start-ups Hunza© began in a garage, in Auckland, New Zealand, and in 1998 they began exporting to the UK.  As authorised distributors Owl Lighting has used Hunza© on our design projects for over 10 years – so we’re well placed to offer expert advice and supply packages for the entire range.

There are lots of spike lights on the market but Hunza© is the designers’ choice.  Designed to endure for decades and backed up with long guarantees.  Precision engineered from the finest raw materials; natural copper; 316 stainless steel or refined aluminium, and the best components; high temperature gaskets and CNC machined parts etc., they are build to withstand the worst of the British weather.

garden lighting spike spot Hunza

A solid copper spike light is weathered to a dull finish blending completely into the planting.



garden lighting spike spots Hunza

A combination of spike lights in different power, beam angles & lenses, are used to light the steps and draw the eye along the avenue of trees.


Spike lights are an excellent choice in the garden because; they are discreet, moveable, can highlight, wash light or cross light paths, features, sculptures, trees and walls.  You can plant one for dramatic effect  or position a series to draw your eye along a line.

garden lighting spike spots Hunza

A spike light discreetly positioned in the planting to uplight tall shrubbery & to pick up the red in the planting.


garden lighting spike spot

A small 3 watt spike spot in solid copper

The spike spot comes in a variety of sizes, power, finishes and beam angle.  As lighting designers we use them in any number of ways – by changing the beam angle we can pinspot a garden feature or spread the light or use a lens, filter or guard to reduce glare.


garden lighting spike spot Hunza

A tiny 1 watt spike spot


From 1 watt all the way through to the high powered 12 watt version; from a tiny 50mm head to a 90mm head, we can position light in the tiniest space, or light up a tall tree or building.  The small spikes sit easily in the ground but if the earth is a little loose we supply a super spike.

garden lighting spike spots Hunza

This project was one of our firsts – and the spike lights beautifully highlight the sculpture in the darkness.


If you’d like any advice on garden lighting, or information about the complete Hunza garden lighting range please call us on : 01962 736986 or send an email via our contact page :

Always seek advice.  Wiring for garden lighting is complex and subject to regulations, take the advice of a qualified electrical installer or lighting designer.  Spike lights come in a variety of finishes & power and will require remote drivers calculated according to the quantity of fittings and distance from the drivers.

Project photographs © Owl Lighting Ltd 2016


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