BIID CPD - 10 Principles of Lighting Design

BIID CPD - 10 Principles of Lighting Design

BIID CPD – 10 Principles of Lighting Design

Owl Lighting are BIID accredited CPD providers and we frequently visit Architects & Interior Designers to present talks in their offices.

In September we hosted a group talk for interior designers & architects at a beautiful venue in Alresford, Hampshire.

Guests were welcomed with coffee, croissants and a chance to chat and meet each other.

lighting design

Sun shining through the roof-lights beautifully demonstrate daylight management in lighting design.


Paul Stephenson, technical director of Owl Lighting, led the talk which focussed on 10 Principles of Residential Lighting Design.

Beginning with an overview of lighting design he talked about coherence, colour temperature, lighting control, diversity and offered information on Macadam ellipse and Duv shift.  Other topics covered were how age changes our perception of light and how to cost up a project.


Paul Stephenson presenting 10 Principles of Residential Lighting Design.


The session ended with a demonstration of lighting design tools which effectively illustrated aspects of the CPD.  With the CPD talk over guests were able to quiz the team at Owl Lighting, on specific aspects of lighting design and technology.  The session extended until long after the talk had ended.


Some of the comments we received :

“It was great to  meet you both – and was a most illuminating presentation.  A lot of food for thought.”

“Thank you for the lighting presentation – it was very informative and useful.”

“I had no idea that there was so much to understand.”

“So interesting.  The more you learn the  more you realise that you need to call in a lighting designer.”


If you’d like to attend our next BIID CPD talk, or would like us to present to your practice, please get in touch –